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    Building component-oriented web application

    Thomas Hamacher Novice

      Hi @all,

      I´m currently doing some research of the following topic and I wonder if you have any ideas how to approach this scenario or already know any technologies (preferrably Seam), who already support this.

      I want to build a web-application which consists of different components. Each component consists of a combination of services (EJB3), web-pages (JSF/Seam) and entities (javax.persistence). Depending on the requirements I would like to deploy each of these components individually, but it should become a unified application at the end.

      Just a simple example: I have a user-management-component, an invoicing-component and a document-management-component. In one application I would like to simple use the user-management-component and the invoicing component, whereas another application requires all three of them or only the combination of user-management and document-mangement.

      So each of these components should contribute its services, entities and web-pages to some contribution point. Finally I go to be web-interface and should find all these contributions into one web-application.

      Is there a way to do this? Can someone point me in the right direction?

      Thanks for your help