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    Search function

    angela leon Newbie

      Good morning everybody!

      I'm stuck for a while now with a search function!
      the thing is that a need to make a search based on a value of a dropdownmenu (of audit type precisly)
      the problem is that I have two datatables involved in the search:
      1. audit datatable which has a column idtype which is a foreign key referencind the idtype column in  the typeaudit datatable.
      2.typeaudit datatable which has two columns idtype and type.

      what a did until know is including some code in my AuditList.java (generated with seam).
      I can catch the value of the type choosen by the dropdownmenu but the restriction is not done on the type since that i call the AuditList method, this refreshes the page AuditList.xhtml and the value of the selected type returns to null. I didn't figure out how to make work.

      Please if someone has any idea!
      thank you in advance