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    one EntityHome with different entity instances

    omid pourhadi Apprentice


      i have one entityHome, one form with many instance of entities so i have to create differenet instance of entity in EntityHome unless it will be override the last entity value bind to form

      users want to enter more than one record per entity and page

      assume : entityModel, entityModelHome , entityForm


      <h:inputText value="#{entityModelHome.instance.name}" />
      <h:inputText value="#{entityModelHome.instance2.name}" />
      <h:inputText value="#{entityModelHome.instance3.name}" />
      <h:commandButton value="save all " />

      How can i do that ?

      I create newInstance of entity each time user clicks button and try to  bind it to form via code
      but it doesn't work


      <h:inputText value="#{entityModelHome.instance2.name}" /> // this generate dynamically 
      <h:commandButton value="create another textinput" action="#{entityModelHome.myNewInstance}" />


      public class EntityModelHome extends EntityHome<EbImg> {
        public String myNewInstance(){
           EntityModelHome imhome =
      (EntityModelHome )  Component.getInstance(EntityModelHome.class, true);
      ValueExpression<entityModel> mynewinstance =  
       imhome.getInstance(); //after submit form , assume to return #{entityModelHome.instance2.name} value of form but return null
          return null;