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    Concurrent Access to Seam Component

    Wolfgang Bergbauer Newbie

      Hi all,

      sorry for my lack of the technical details here, but still trying to learn.
      To simplify lets assume I have the following POJO components:

      - gateway (EventScope)
      - commandScheduler (ApplicationScope)
      - job (EventScope)

      now the job is executed by quartz. I am setting up everything in the commandScheduler and creating a job with a reference to the gateway.
      Since I am storing the gateway in a class variable in the commandScheduler, this eventscope has basically the same lifecycle as the whole application scope.

      Now my questions:
      Since all jobs basically share the same gateway instance, how does this affect my performance? Could I run into concurrency problems? This is almost like a pojo singleton.
      On the other hand I could always create a new gateway instance for every job and pass it to the new job, but this is also kind of expensive.
      Finally this could be a good use case for a stateless session bean.

      Thanks a lot for some theoretical insight.