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    Securing Resteasy

    Roy Diggerhund Newbie


      im new here. Excuse me for my bad english. I hope that i can contribute a positive value to this forum.

      Unfortunately im faced with a problem at the moment, which im trying
      to solve for about 1 week now.

      I have a working RESTful api thanks to Resteasy.

      Now i have the task to secure this api, and i dont know how.

      I tried to add @RolesAllowed. This didnt worked. I dont get the documentation. What do they mean with: change the RESTeasy.war file?

      After tring hard to get @RolesAllowed working with no success, i took a look at seam in action from Dan Allen. And there it is: @Restrict(#{identity.loggedIn})

      @Restrict does the job for me. If im not logged in, the api is not reachable.

      But now im faced with the problem how to authenticate from a mobile device. Because the api should be reachable from mobile after authentication.

      Can someone give me a hint how i can call the authenticate method from a mobile device?

      Kindest Regards