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    Help mapping selectOneMenu to selected value

    ginni machamer Newbie

      I have a form in a xhtml page that displays parent and child data.  A publication type (book, e.g.) has multiple requests. Simple. My backing bean loads the request and I can see in the debugger that the publication type is there.  In the page, I have a selectOneMenu that is bound (value) to


      and its select items is bound to a

      List<SelectItem> pubTypes

      .  When I load an existing record, if it has a pubType selected, it is correctly displayed as such.

      I copied this pattern for another type of association. Item source type (vendor, e.g.) has many requests.  Again, I bound the selectOneMenu to the


      and the select items to the backing bean


      The types show up in the list correctly, but the type specified in the request (which I can see clearly is there in debugger) is not selected.

      I cannot figure out why the binding is working for one but not the other.