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    Ajax4JSF lifecycle != JSF lifecycle??

    Jonny B Newbie

      Hello everybody!

      I'm relatively new to Seam and am currently developing an E-Assessment application as my final university work. Now i encountered some problems.

      I need to invoke a simple method in order to save a state of an exercise into the DB during the editing.

      When i try to do this with a simple h:commandButton everything works perfectly. But i don't want to refresh the page because there is nothing to refresh and it disturbs the workflow of the AJAX application.

      When i try to do the same thing with an a4j:commandButton i get the following error:

      14:23:50,189 ERROR [LifecyclePhase] Error executing INVOKE_APPLICATION 5 phase.
      14:23:50,211 ERROR [Exceptions] handled and logged exception
      javax.servlet.ServletException: #{studentModulesAdaptorTreeStructure.save}: javax.ejb.EJBAccessException: Authorization failure

      I thought it should work just like the normal JSF request in this context but it doesn't and i don't get why??

      I read Seam in Action but couldn't find an explanation so far.

      I'm thankful for any suggestion.