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    Fine-grained configuration files

    Gab Aldian Newbie


      I have a project which works already with seam. I am trying to add some new funtionalities witout modifying the original project. I work with maven, and all works great, but when it comes to the components.xml files, I have to use fragments for my new project. I followed the directives from the documentation :

      Alternatively, you may put configuration for all classes in the com.helloworld package in com/helloworld/components.xml

      But when it comes to deployment time, Maven does great fusionning the wars, and it works perfectly until I try to access a page parmetrized in a fragment components.xml : javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException:  Target Unreachable, identifier  resolved to null

      So the parent components.xml which is in WEB-INF/ is resolved but any little fragments splitted between the packages are not found, and my question is: What did I missed to make that the fragments are read?