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    Seam 2.2, rewrite url and seam servlet problem

    Gregory Nikle Apprentice

      I've got small project based on facelets, seam 2.2, jsf/richfaces and one page entry.xhtml which has only one text. heello world

      I try to implement Seam rewrite url and so I have added seam filter to components.xml.

           <core:init transaction-management-enabled="false" debug="false"/>
           <web:rewrite-filter view-mapping="*.seam" />

          <page view-id="/entry.xhtml"  action="#{blogEntry.load}"> 
              <rewrite pattern="/entry/{blogEntryId}" />
              <rewrite pattern="/entry" />        
              <param name="blogEntryId" value="#{blogEntry.id}"/>
                <action execute="#{blogEntry.load}" />
                   <redirect view-id="/go_entry.xhtml"/>

      Link on my page is well rewrited for an example to


      but when I enter to my page...url in web broser changing to


      and all jsf/seam components are not parsed by seam servlet. Whole page is completly broken. It looks like seam servlet not parising jsf components.