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    seam pdf view

    terrafant Newbie

      I use

      <s:resource ... disposition = "inline">

      to open new page in the browser and show there pdf file. But title of this newly opened page is document.seam (application/pdf Object). So if I open some different pdf files they all have the same title. It's confusing. How could I change the page title?

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          terrafant Newbie

          I found solution myself. Here it is:
          In components.xml I have added

          <components ...
          xmlns:document="http://jboss.com/products/seam/document >
          <document:document-store use-extensions="true"/> ...     

          Also I have extended DocumentStore class and overrided baseUrlForContent() method to point to right place (according to my Document Store Servlet configuration in web.xml)