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    How to use Hibernate Validator in Seam Home object?

    Ruben Lopez Newbie

      Hi everyone.

      Sorry if this is not a seam specific question but I don't know where else to ask.

      I have the following code that should produce a validation failure but it doesn't work.

      public class DepartamentoHome extends EntityHome<Departamento> {
           public String persist() {
                // set invalid value (getCodigo() is annotated with @NotNull)
                ValidatorFactory factory = Validation.buildDefaultValidatorFactory();
                Validator validator = factory.getValidator();
                //validation should fail
                Set<ConstraintViolation<Departamento>> constraintViolations = validator.validate(getInstance());
                if (!constraintViolations.isEmpty()) {
                               "Validation failed");
                     return null;
                return super.persist();

      What am I doing wrong?

      The reason for doing the validation here is that I have implemented a custom class level constraint and I need to check it before persisting the entity. My constraint didn't worked, then I tested my aplication with this simple constraint but it didn't worked either.

      I use:

      • Jboss Seam 2.2.1.Final

      • Jboss AS 6.0.0.Final

      Thanks in advance.