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    how  to handle jboss debug pages

    Chenna Muppidi Newbie

      Hi All,

      i need a small help, here am explaining the problem,  we r developing application in this application, if we keep in idle after log in, after 10 to 20 min from log in time(if we keep idle ie never touch the page)   it would be raised debug pages like JBoss Seam Debug Page,
      This page allows you to browse and inspect components in any of the Seam contexts associated with the current session. It also shows a list of active, long-running conversations. You can select a conversation to view its contents or destroy it.

      can any one tel me why it is raised debug page after keep idle 10 to 20 min?

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          Björn Pilarski Newbie


          is there any stacktrace from a thrown exception on the debug page? Your description implies that an unhandled ViewExpiredException was thrown. That's the case when the session of the current user times out. You can handle such an exception by adding configuration to your pages.xml:

          <exception class="javax.faces.application.ViewExpiredException" log="false">
             <redirect view-id="/error.xhtml">
                <message severity="warn">Your session has timed out, please try again</message>

          You can change the session timeout in your web.xml:


          Best regards


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            Chenna Muppidi Newbie

            Thanks Björn  for ur  valuable suggestion