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    Real persistency with Jboss and InstandDB

    Anke Flechsig Newbie


      I'm working on a windows 98 system with jboss 2.2.2 and jdk 1.3.1.
      Now I integrated InstantDB and made an entity Bean Example with CMP.
      Everything works real fine, I can close my client application after createt some data in the db, start another client and get the data back.

      But ... when I stop the jboss and restart it, everything is gone! No data found.
      What am I to do to get this data last server shutdown and restart? Is there some "switch", I have to use, or maybe is this a sign, that I'm not correctly connected to my database?

      In the standardjaws the switches are to create a new db, when not there and to not remove it, but I have no specially jaws -dataset. Do I have to have one?

      Has anyone a hint?
      I appreciate every guess.