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    mail text alternative and loop

    Liz Glasser Newbie
      I am using the seam mail integration to send an email. I have a text alternative defined and ll is working correctly. However, I need the text to contain some data that is created based on a loop.

      My bean contains a List of DataObj objects outjected as "my list" and I want my text to contain something like:

      FieldA: #{item.fieldA}
      FieldB: #{item.fieldB}
      FieldC: #{item.fieldC}

      for each entry in my list.

      How can I do this in the alternative facet? I tried ui:repeat and that caused all the text before the ui:repeat tag not to be rendered plus nothing for the loop. I tried c:forEach and that caused the following to be rendered:


      But it only rendered it 1 time regardless of the number of items in my list.

      Any ideas?