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    Conversational scope, transactions and Tomcat !?

    Alexandre Furuta Newbie
      Hi everyone!

      I really tried to find answers for my questions in the forum, but I didn't find them. My doubts are described below. I'm trying to use tomcat as a container.

      1) Seam in Action book says something about "global transactions", which are intended to "automagically" manages transactions between JSF phases. The book says up to 3 transactions can be created per request. In this case, the annotation @Transaction is needed?

      2) @Transaction, @Begin and @End annotations can be used even with local non-JTA transactions, inside a tomcat container?

      3) I was studying the jboss-seam-jpa project example bundled in jboss-seam-2.2.2.Final, and I saw the annotations @Begin/@End in a @Scope(EVENT) component, the HotelBookingAction class. Does it make any sense? Shouldn't this annotations be valid only in Conversational scope?

      4) Does anybody uses EntityHome class in real systems? Is it a good idea to extend it to add new functions?

      5) What happens to EntityManager instance in a @Scope(Conversational) component when a long running conversation is NOT created (only @Transactional annotations at methods)?? Is EntityManager tied to component lifecicle forever? And if I have 2 @Scope(Conversational) components, will I have the same EntityManager instance, considering that EntityManager is injected with @In ?!

      I have a lot of doubts, I know ...=)

      Any help will be REALLY appreciated!!

      Thanks in advance.