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    Seam 2.1.2 to Seam x.x.x targeting JBoss AS 7

    Peter Fry Newbie

      We have developed two applications using Seam 2.1.2.

      These are internet applications built using JSF with injection and some outjection of beans. We make significant use of conversations.

      The next release of our product is targetted for early next year and a decision has been made to go with JBoss AS 7.

      In the development cycle we only have 20 days allocated to the migration of the application ;-)

      Our preferred approach will be to simply upgrade to 2.2.2 but although this is supported for JBoss AS 6 I donot know what the support plans are with regard JBoss AS 7.


      Should I even expect Seam 2.2.x support on JBoss AS 7

      Once we have migrated onto JBoss AS 7 then we can start migrating the application to CDI and JSF 2.2 piece by piece including Seam 3 modules as an when required. If there is no Seam 2.2.x support on JBoss AS 7 then we are faced with the challenge of migrating the whole application to CDI and JSF 2.2.