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    Conversational components and JSF component

    Sascha Janz Master
      i use a session bean, which has two components with a binding, under which i create the componenttree dynamically.

      class MySession {

        HtmlPanelGroup group=new HtmlPanelGroup();



      now i read the part in the reference manual about "Conversational components and JSF component"

      so i wanted to switch, but got trouble to make it work.

      i removed "group" from MySession

      Wrote Event Scoped Class

      class PanelGroup{

         HtmlPanelGroup grp= new HtmlPanelGroup();

         // setter /getter


      and added

      PanelGroup panelgroup;

      to mySession

      but this doesn't work.

      Whate must i write on xhtml?




      Where must the tree be created? and where to store?

      Creating the tree in every getter from PanelGroup seems not an option.