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    How to (re)start or stop the default Timer ?



      I'm using the default Timer in Seam to start asynchronous or interval jobs with the @Duration and @Interval annotations.

      But I don't know how to stop and restart an interval job that is already running.

      I can't use @In Timer since this is the EJB timer and I get exceptions if I do this.

      Any help or tip is appreciated, thx !

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          Let's assume you have a class with following method:

          class YourTimer ...
          public QuartzTriggerHandle checkMessages(@Expiration Date when,
                    @IntervalDuration Long interval, @FinalExpiration Date endDate){                 process();
               return null;

          This timer is called from a bean YourBean:

          class YourBean ....
          @In(create=true) YourTimer yourTimer;
          private QuartzTriggerHandle timerHandle;

          Which  somewhere in the bean calls:

          timerHandle = yourTimer.checkMessages(cal.getTime(), 600000L, null);

          After the call you have a handle of the timer and you can do what you want.
          Although it looks strange. The Timer method is intercepted, so it returns a handle instead of the null.

          Hopefully this helps a bit.