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    Hibernate table join issue

    Piotr Salski Newbie

      Hi all

      I have problem with writing the query. My working method looks like this

      public void profesionChanged(ValueChangeEvent event){
               String query ="select distinct p from ProfessionEntity p, DoctorEntity d where p.id=d.profesion and location_id = " + (String)event.getNewValue();
               professionList=  entityManager.createQuery(query).getResultList();
                 for (ProfessionEntity typ: professionList) {
                      item = new SelectItem(typ.getId() , typ.getProfession());

      but I don't know how to write query with left join

      Query from MSSQL

      select p.*, d.* from ProfessionEntity p left join DoctorEntity d on p.id=d.profesion 

      Please HELP