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    Capture JBPM process starter actor

    Prageeth Jayasinghe Newbie
      Hi all;
         I am using JBPM 3.2 with Seam2.2.
         I have my process definition file and in my <start-state> node I have a <task> node.
      <process-definition  xmlns=""  name="simple">
           <swimlane name="swim1">
           <start-state name="start-state1">
               <task name="startTask" swimlane="swim1">
               <transition to="task-node1"></transition>
               <event type="node-leave">
                   <action name="startNodeAction"
                        class=" com.sample.action.StartNodeEntryAction">

      I am using the Seam's @CreateProcess annotation to start the process. What I want to do here is to capture the actorId who started the process and assign it to the swimlane "swim1".

        In JBPM I have heard that we need to call the following method after creating the process to do this.

        But in Seam I cant do this because I am using the annotation to start the process. Is there a way to do this in Seam?