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    Seam application deployment best practices??

    myjboss myjboss Newbie

      Hey all, I'm just getting my head around what are the best practices for deploying a Seam application. I kinda know high level of info about deploying n-tier web apps..but lack clarity in nuts and bolts level. For example, lets say an application needs to go in to Gateway. What are the best practices for packaging and deploying apps.

      Lets say we have a http server in Geteway server(Server A),
      and J2ee application server (Server B), and a database server (Server C).
      Server B and C are behind the firewall.

      Now, lets say I have a web application developed using seam. Can I package all presentation layer files(.xhtml and relavent files) on to Server A, and all business logic files(EJB3.0 etc) in to Server B. Now here, can we separate data access layer stuff, entityHome classes and entity classes and deploy to separate server( Server D)?

      I thought I knew all this stuff..but as I mentioned above..I lack clarity on deployment.

      could you please point me to a good reference so I can read up more on this? I know this is kinda basic but hey better late than never..

      Would appreciate your thoughts on this..
      btw, the above example is just a hypothetical scenario.