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    Tomcat + Embedded Jboss + Seam Help

    Sil H Newbie

      I'm currently developing a Seam app  because I had no experience with JBoss AS and the organization for i worked use tomcat, I decided to pick Tomcat 6 along with Embedded JBoss. I also used Eclipse-based. I had a hard time configuring Tomcat so i need help.
      Configuration details
          Tomcat Tomcat 6.0
          jdk 1.5.0 06
          Seam 2.2.2
      can anyone help?
      After instaling embeddedjbossbeta3.SP10 i tried to run de aplication and i have the next error:
      GRAVE: Exception processing Global JNDI Resources
      javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: El nombre java:comp no este asociado a este contexto
      Thanks in advance...