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    JOSSO - SEAM application login problem

    Dolphin Here Newbie

      Hi All,

      we are facing a login redirection problem with our seam - jossified Application. Things works fine when the user logs-in the application immediately when the log -in screen is put up. problem is when the log- in screen is open for a while and he tries to login redirection doesn't work. application tends to stay with the login - screen with josso session details.
      as listed below

      You have been successfully authenticated as XXXX.

      JOSSO Session ID 6AF80DCA9B78E3DC8175BEB5756AFA77
      User Information

          * Username:XXXX
          * JOSSO Session:6AF80DCA9B78E3DC8175BEB5756AFA77

      Roles (optional)

          * YYYY
          * YYYY

      Properties (optional)

          * email XXXX@tcs.com

      Session information

          * ID:6AF80DCA9B78E3DC8175BEB5756AFA77
          * Access Count: 0
          * Last Access Time (ms):1309928572747
          * Creation Time (ms): 1309928572747
          * Max Inactive Time (ms): 900
          * Is Valid:true

      with this screen, when i hit my application URL again, it takes me directly to the application home page.

      Can someone suggest me how to avoid this problem?

      Thanks in Advance