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    sybase ddl in tran

    Mark Brooks Newbie

      The jboss docs at http://jboss.org/documentation/HTML/ch04s11.html
      say (about Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.x, Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.9.x, 12.x ) that

      "JAWS cannot create a table automatically for CMP Entity beans (the server rejects DDL within a transaction"

      I haven't tested this (no longer have Sybase access) but ddl in tran is an option in ASE (turned off by default) that can be turned on with:

      sp_dboption <your db>, "ddl in tran", true

      this should allow CMP entity beans to work, although you may need the blessing of a DBA to get this option turned on

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          Sirl Davis Newbie

          Sybase does not seem to create the tables, which seems to agree with the above....I get the following error from the client calling a jboss ejb. This is JBoss 2.4.4...since Jboss 3.0 is hopefully soon, not critical, but if anyone has the same experience...

          javax.ejb.CreateException: Cound not determine existence:javax.ejb.FinderException: DataObject not found. Specify owner.objectname or use sp_help to check whether the object exists (sp_help may produce lots of output).

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            Conor Newbie

            This is what I need to check, to verify if my build will be able to create tables on the fly in Sybase...is it possible using JBoss 3.0.4? And if so, what Sybase JDBC driver does one need (have jConnect5.2)?