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    Change richfaces skin in https application problem

    terrafant Newbie

      The application works fine with https except change richfaces skin page and login page. On these pages richfaces skin xcss file does not load at once (I have to reload the page).
      Firebug shows that

      Failed to load source for: https://.../a4j/s/3_3_1.GA/org/richfaces/skin.xcss/DATB/eAHT8-fpDV0-QxoACz4Cxg__
      Failed to load source for: https://.../a4j/s/3_3_1.GAMETA-INF/skins/blue.xcss/DATB/eAGzsfy3PHT5DGkAEUIDyg__

      With status 302 Moved Temporarily
      But the links are correct. Files are there.

      When the application works on http all works fine.