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    Unable to open pdf file in rich modal panel

    Ramakrishna Medipally Newbie
      Hi all

      Any one please help me...
      I am unable to open a pdf file in rich modal panel popup.

      My HTML code is as follows

      <div style="overflow:auto;width:700px; height: 400px" >
                                              <a4j:outputpanel ajaxRendered="true">
                                                      <a4j:media Output element="object" value="constante"
                                                      uriAttribute="data" createContent="#{managesignAc.consPdf}"
                                                      mimeType="#{managesignAc.consimgType}"  id="conspdf-preview" cacheable="false"
                                                      session="true" width="100%" height="400" >