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    Transactions with MySQL (but no Berkeley DB)

    Dave Smith Newbie


      I need the skinny on transactions. We are using MySQL on OS X. On our platform, MySQL won't compile with the
      newer transaction support, so we have to do without. My question is how JBoss handles this situation and what I can do about it. My own tests show that I can easily produce bad records (with null values) if I kill my client connection in the middle of creating a record. I thought this was supposed to be prevented by using the declarative transaction stuff in the deployment descriptor. Do I have a misunderstanding about what JBoss can do for me?

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          David Jencks Master

          There's no way jboss or anything much else can invent transaction support when your resource manager (db) doesn't provide it. I've been mystified at the number of people apparently happy with no transactions w/jboss, or using non xa drivers in situations that appear to require 2 phase commit.
          You may want to check out the firebird database(firebird.sourceforge.net). They have a Darwin port that I think is available on the website. However I think you will have to be a pioneer and try the jca-jdbc driver I and others are developing - I don't think anyone has even tried to compile the Borland Interclient/interserver java driver for Darwin. I don't have very current information about how well this driver works with actual apps deployed on jboss -- I got a few test cases to work.

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            Dave Smith Newbie

            Thanks for your response. I would be interested in learning more about the driver project you're describing. At the moment, though, it sounds like we need to move our DB onto a box where it will compile with transaction support, or lese move to a DB that can do this. Thanks again.