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    h:inputText not updating

    bruno fernandes Newbie
      Hi all,

      I´m having an issue when i try to update an h:inputText control that loads it´s value from conversation context :

      <h:inputText name="oneName" value="#{myName}"/>
      The very same page contains a h:commandButton that simply changes the myName conversation variable

      <h:commandButton actionListener="#{dummyMain.setNameConversation}" value="Update Me" />
      And the component implementation contains the following code:

              private String name;

      public void setNameConversation(ActionEvent event)
                      this.name="Something else";

      After clicking the updateMe commandButton i expected to see the "something else" string in the oneName inputText, but it remains unchanged.
      Shouldn´t seam outject name variable after setNameConversation invocation? What am i´m doing wrong?

      Thanks in advance