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    Connector Configuration

    Jay Walters Newbie

      I am using 3.0 from CVS. I am trying to figure out the connector configuration (whys). I'm sure I don't have stuff setup properly, but it does work. So my question is what am I really supposed to be doing.

      I wasn't really able to extract this information from the current docs, though I am willing to believe that its in there.

      I have -

      lib/ext/xxx.jar - This the same as the rar but different extension.
      deploy/lib/xxx.rar - The rar file.
      deploy/xxx.xml - Sets up the mbeans, etc

      What am I really supposed to be doing? I'd really just like to be able to deploy the RAR and have my client see the classes properly on their classpath but that didn't seem to work.


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          David Jencks Master

          Hmm, maybe my last RARDeployer/classloader change didn't have all the good effects I hoped for. On the other hand maybe you didn't package your rar properly. After trying this out, please let me know.

          Lets say your connector classes are in myjca.jar

          the mypackedjca.rar file (made by jarring this stuff) should have

          So, if you packed things up in this format, putting mypackedjca.jar (same as rar but with different extension) in lib/ext should have no effect- no classes are available inside that jar.

          At one time the RARDeployer deployed incorrectly packaged rar's where the myjca.jar was replaced by its contents. This no longer works. There are some examples of how to package like this with ant in the connector build.xml

          Now, the other possibility I can think of is that you correctly packaged the rar, and are using non-jdbc interfaces for your ConnectionFactory and more important (if cci) InteractionSpec. In 2.4, you had to put copies of these interfaces in the system classpath so clients could get to them: the rar classloader had no relationship with the app classloader, so couldn't supply these classes to the application. (BEA still suffers from this problem, I think). A little while ago I changed the RARDeployer to use a jboss..system.URLClassLoader which should be added to the jboss system classpath, just like mbeans. This _should_ make the classes available to your application. I had no good test of this available at the time, and the jdbc wrappers loaded fine. If this is the problem, please let me know! I want to fix it!

          david jencks

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            Jay Walters Newbie

            Thanks that did it. I missed the part in the spec where the classes are supposed to be rolled up in a jar inside the rar file. That makes things much simpler.