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    seam-gen templates suggestion

    Sam H Newbie

      Hi guys,

      Just some suggestions on the code generated by seam-gen for Seam 2.2.2 final. I know the code generated is supposed to be simple, but why can't it be changed to make developer's life simpler out of the box ...

      1. If richfaces is used, all text fields generated would use a:support tag and hence will have 
        org.jboss.seam.ConcurrentRequestTimeoutException when user travels between text fields quickly by
        pressing tabs --> browser will go blank with error message "Concurrent call to conversation"
        This can be fixed easily by adding eventsQueue attribute in a:support in seam-gen template
        Now I have to manually do that in every generated <model>Edit.xhtml to fix this.
      2. Good UI design dictates that every delete operation should have a pop-up dialog to confirm the
        delete. It wouldn't hurt for seam-gen to generate that for us.
      3. The list screen (e.g. <model>List.xhtml) is lacking check box in front of listed records in the table,
        so multiple records could be selected and deleted at once, just like the screen shot for generated in

      I may be asking a lot but for Seam to be 1st class framework, the code generated seam-gen should be better.. ;)