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    How to send HTTP not modified response for xhtml pages

    Konami - Newbie

      Hi folks,

      I was looking around how I can check conditional GET requests from browser like if-none-match and if-modified-since, check my content stored in database's last modified date and send a proper response back. I managed to get two leads:

      1) Use ConditionalAbstractResource but by using it, xhtml templating feature seems to be lost. I don't know how I can render xhtml page from a resource servlet.

      2) By using filter. The closet I can find is http://seamframework.org/Documentation/Permanent301RedirectsUsingSeam. I am clueless on how I can do the checking against database entities before sending appropriate response.

      Which way do you recommend? Is there any other approach? If you have example, that would be of great help.