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    selectBooleanCheckbox once checked cannot uncheck

    ginni machamer Newbie

      I have a bean with the standard

      private boolean expedite;
      public boolean isExpedite() ...
      public void setExpedite(boolean expedite) ...

      and in a JSF page with an h:form I am using

      <h:selectBooleanCheckbox title="expedite" styleClass="formCheckbox" value="#{libRequest.expedite}"/>

      It defaults to false, thus the checkbox is unchecked, which I want. I can check it and submit the form and see its value is then true. Also good.

      But if I display the same form and uncheck the box and then submit that change, it returns to true (checked).  How do I handle changing the value? It seems quite straight forward...

      Thanks in advance for any ideas,