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    Error While accessing CMP Bean

    rajeshrv Newbie

      I an new to the JBOSS server.When i was trying to run the cmp-jaws bean (CLASS BEAN) in the jbos documentation am getting an exception in the client side,as shown,

      javax.ejb.CreateException: Could not create entity:java.sql.SQLException: Invali
      d column type --

      I set "debug" property in jaws.xml to true under the impression that i will get more debugging inforamtion in the server side.But i didn't.

      In the Bean there is a lesson field Object, that as per the documentation the JAWS will map to lesson.subject and lesson.hours as specified in the jaws.xml file. But my Oracle table created by jaws having a blob filed instead.

      My jaws.xml is like this


      ..The table structure looks like this...

      Name Null? Type
      ----------------------------------------- -------- ---
      ID NUMBER(10)

      What is wrong with me.I went through the archive but i didn't find any similar posing.