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    Seam 2.2.0.GA jboss 5.1.0.GA multi war timer issue

    newbee07 Newbie

      We have issues with EJB timer service in our EAR where we have two wars war1 and war2 and an ejb jar.

      war1 deploys first and then war2 deploys. I have created ejb timer with @IntervalDuration of 3 minutes which gets called at seam postInitialization with war1 to update a application scope seam ejb component. So the first time , war1 calls timer service and everything goods. Mean while war 2 deploys and the next time, the timer service gets called I see that it gets called by war2. So this is the issue we have, like as the timer srevice was set by war1. The subsequent calls should be done by war1 not by war2.

      Can some one help us on this. If needed I can share the code.

      Note: we log the context path from the timer calling method and that way we know which war calls it.