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    IN OUT Annotation working?

    giant2 Newbie

      Hi I use Seam from few week and I see some difficulties about annotation.
      On one page I have a cicle over an entityelement which give me one value.
      <c:forEach items="#{creatorList.getEntityElement()}" var="elementNgr">
      <h:inputText value="#{elementNgr.val}" />
      and all it's ok. I have a class creatorList answering the method getEntityElement() and returning objects of type elementNgr with a parameter named "var".
      Now I have to add one parameter to each vision of elementNgr (not to each elementNgr).
      To do this I put in creatorList an @Out annotation with an object specifying the new parameter.
      So I add a method named "getNewParam" to the elementNgr and in the forEach cycle I put:
      <h:outputLabel value="#{elementNgr.getNewParam()}" />
      So elementNgr now contain a new annotation @In with the object above.
      Now I see the @In object is ever null and I don't understand why!!!
      Please help me!