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    Fyodor Golos Newbie

      I have a specific question about jboss-castor
      combination: is it possible to separate the castor database mapping file from the 'global' jboss configuration directory. The reason that I ask this is that I would like to develop multiple applications using castor for database mapping, but (1) I don't want to combine the mappings for the different applications into the same file and (2) I don't want to restart jboss every time I add a mapping (3) I have a
      concern as we place more items in the jboss-specific configuration directory that we are becoming 'less j2ee' compliant (I know that this is a minor point, but with all of the complexities of j2ee, we would
      like to be as generic as possible). FYI, we will not be using castor for CMP within entity beans -- rather, we will be using castor in place of raw jdbc calls.

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          Franck Routier Newbie


          I just wanted to ask the exact same question, for the excact same reasons, but you phrased it better than I would have !

          Did you get any answer to these problems ?

          I really think a level of indirection is missing here...

          Any comments anybody ?