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    After login, URL sets out in clear

    Andrea Err Newbie

      Goodmorning, I have a question
      after login in my seam web application I see that URL sets out in clear username and password :O !!

      Infact it become:


      Thank's for all!

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          Martin Frey Newbie

          Most likely you are send the form with a GET request. Are you using a seam button? Use the normal jsf button and it will not be displayed. But the password is still transfered in cleartext btw.

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            Andrea Err Newbie

            Thank you for reply.
            I don't use seam button, but simple h:commandButton.
            I try to use this cose in pages.xml

            <page view-id="*">    
            <navigation from-action="#{identity.login}">  
                             <redirect view-id="/main/home.xhtml"/>
                         <navigation from-action="#{identity.logout}">
                             <redirect view-id="/main/home.xhtml"/>

            and so I have redirect without username and password in clear. This would be a solution, infact work it, but exist another clear solution??