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    Content inside ui:include tag not getting included on the page when redirected

    Geeky Dev Newbie


      I have a page home.xhtml in which I have a

      <ui:include src="../fragments/dialogComponent.xhtml"/> 

      When I am redirected to this page through an Action on another screen, the redirect works fine but the

      <ui:include src="../fragments/dialogComponent.xhtml"/>

      ,content is not being included on the page when the Redirect happens. When I Refresh the page through the Browser refresh , the content inside

      <ui:include src="../fragments/dialogComponent.xhtml"/>

      gets added on to the page.

      The redirect happens based on the configuration in pages.xml

      <page view-id="/Example/employee.xhtml">
           <navigation from-action="#{deleteDocumentViewAction.execute}">
                              <rule if-outcome="success">
                                      <render view-id="/Example/home.xhtml"></render>     
                                      <end-conversation before-redirect="true" />                       

      Was wondering on how

      Any help on this would be really appreciated.