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    wrong behavior after migrating to jboss jboss-6.1.0.Final

    Roger Mori Newbie

      Dear Community Member:

      If somebody has experienced the following behavior please gently advise.

      Our current ear-richfaces-seam2.2.2.Final works perfectly with Jboss-5-2.0.GA app server.
      Yet, the same app deployed upon Jboss-6.1.0.Final wors fine except in this case:

      Having a:

      • Long running conversation in course

      • Navigation controlled at the custom page-xml descriptor level (eg.: CustomerEdit.page.xml)

      • Rich modal panel active

      then clicking in any ajax command (within the Modal Panel) that invokes for example the #{customerHome.persist} action that returns the string persisted originates a redirection to a non existent persisted.seam view throwing this exception:

        Http error 404: ... resource persisted.seam not found

      This a generlized error happening in all the uses cases of the application.

      Thank you.