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    Using the same pojo accross pages in a session

    Nikolaj G. Newbie
      At first, Im just started with Seam/Forge and Im currently making EJBs to service calls from Seam/Forge beans.

      We have a "login" page ("page1"). When submitting the page a "validate" ejb is called to validate the user.

      After being validated, the user is directed to a page ("page2") showing the contact information (and some other data).

      The user should be able to change data in "page2" e.g. contact information. After editing the user should see a comfirm page "page3" with entered data (not send to the server yet). After review the user should confirm (submitting the data to the server).

      So the order is: "login"->"a page with data that can be changed"->"confirm page with submit"->a "thank you page" (data has been persisted).

      My question is:
      - is it possible to let the "validate" ejb create a pojo (with data) to be populated in "page2" with getters?
      - is it possible to reuse the pojo with setters in "page2" (because data is changed) and sent it back to some ejb for persist?

      Thanks in advance,
      Nikolaj G.