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    lazy loading dataTable

    giant2 Newbie

      Hi all,
      today a new seam-doc-problem.
      I need to implement a lazy loading table with seam.
      Is there anything allready implemented?
      I thought richfaces ScrollableDataTable did so, but looking at the implementation given here: http://community.jboss.org/wiki/RichFacesCookbookScrollableDataTableSelectionUsage
      I see there isn't a real lazy loading of the data.
      I see the data are loaded (created) at the first time the allCars is called.
      I need a really lazy data loading. I try to explain me better...
      With a DBTable of 1KBillion (tooooo big) records I have an html containing these data in a little table displaying only 10 record each time. I have buttons to change and see the next/previous 10 record and so on.
      If I load allllll the data at the first time obviously my system crack down. :-(
      So I need to load a little amount of data from DBTable and see them on the htmlTable. Only and only if I start to go behind and forward I'll load the sufficient records (and only these) to full the htmlTable.
      In this manner my server will contain only at a maximum of 10 record in memory and not 1KBillion.

      Someone has any idea if this approach was been allready implemented?
      Thanks all!