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    Seam 2.2.2 project does not deploy correctly

    Jan Westphal Newbie


      I created a project with seam 2.2.2 (final release) with seam-gen, straightforward. Then, I opened the project with eclipse (ganymede and indigo), also straightforward, the way it is supposed to be. After the automatic ant build has run, the .ear (or .war, I tried both) is deployed to the AS, but there are no class files there. I did not change anything in the project, deployed it just as seam-gen has created it; there are two java classes (the authenticator stuff), but the java classes are not depoyed to the AS (and as result, the application of course does not run correctly).

      As I did not do anything special, I guess, this must be a bug also encountered by other users?

      Thanks for help