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    seam mail in seam 2.2.1 Final cannot copy someone?

    ginni machamer Newbie

      I've read the guide for using Seam Mail and the m:tags. We have a bean called notification that has a toAddress attribute as well as a ccAddressList (array) - all strings.

      I tried using a ui:repeat to get the names into the CC of the message and that did not work. I found a JIRA on that topic, so I tried just grabbing the first element of the array and using a single m:cc tag on the renderer page with another string attribute on the bean. Even that does not work. The getToAddress() method is called, I can see it with a break point. But the getCopyTo() method is not called, ever. I have a watch expression that shows clearly that there is an email address in the copyTo attribute, but the renderer never picks it up.

      How can I get this to work?

      Thanks in advance,