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    Help with Seam mail and style (css)

    Karl Kildén Newbie


      I have followed the simple seam mail examples to be found for example here:

      Sending the mail is no problem. I fact, the only problem I have is that It's hard to make it look good. I'm sure it gets sent as HTML but I can't figure out how to include css style...

      The best would be if I could get the external stylesheets to work?

      I did read that I may have to set urlbase but I cant find any examples of this. Can someone supply this? Would be really helpful.

      If the tag requires access to external resources such as stylesheets or JavaScript, be sure to set the urlBase

      Very straightforward but how to?

      Actually I guess my base question is, what's best practice to make the email look at least decent? Because now when I send the mail it even strips datatables of every border etc.

      I am using seam 2.2.2 with richfaces 3.3.3.

      Any help appreciated!