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    Problem with page being generated twice by two jboss threads.

    Jukka Keto Newbie
      Environment: seam2.2.2.Final, jboss6.

      Debug trace so far:

      + My application runs JSF lifecycle twice on a different jboss threads, with different cid:s, second time I'm calling the page from same <s:link>. Page is generated twice but the latter of them appear on my browser. The cid becomes cid = cid + 2, in stead of cid = cid + 1.

      + Oddly, when the page is generated first time, the menulink works as expected and single conversation is appearing on my debugger.

      + Firebug on my browser shows only single call to server on both occasions.


      So, something inside my configuration generates the second thread - which generates the second conversation - which re-fetches my data again. 

      I'm at baffled. What? Some <s:link> Ajax functionality? Some filter? Some total misconfiguration? Error on jsf coding? Someting else?