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    Entity bean peformance problems

    Mark Volmer Newbie

      Hello, I have the following question:
      I performed benchmark for insertion into the DB both using entity bean (BMP, using connection pool) & direct connection to the DB (retaining same connection for all insertion statements). In the ejbCreate method there is only one hit to the DB (same with direct connection, both have same SQL query for insertion).

      Direct connection is about 70% faster than using entity bean:
      15 rows inserted: 1.101 sec versus 1.875 sec
      4500 rows inserted: 198.565 sec versus 338.537 sec

      What may cause that gap, or it is the expected result?
      Is the transaction managements adds this overhead?
      Or may be its about whole entity bean mechanism?
      How can I speed it up?

      By the way, tried to change transaction attribute from Required to NotSupported, have no difference.

      My environment: JDK1.3.1, JBoss 2.2, Sybase DB
      Thank you very much.