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    Stuck creating tag library docs for a4j:repeat

    Brian Leathem Master

      I've been working through RFPL-1959, adding descriptions to the various component attributes so we have a meaningful generated tag library doc (VDL doc).  Things are going for the most part well, but's it's a PITA with so many components defining their attributes in different ways.


      One that has me stuck is the attribute descriptions for the a4j:repeat (and other iteration components).  UIRepeat extends UISequence, which in turn extends UIDataAdaptor.  The attributes for UIRepeat are picked up from the parent classes, but adding the descriptions to the UISequence and UIDataAdaptor @Attribute annotations has no effect (neither with a @Description annotation, nor via javadoc).


      Searching throughout the codebase does indicate these attributes are defined anywhere else.  I'm at a loss for why the descriptions of the @Attribute annotations in UISequence and UIData classes isn't being picked up - anyone have any ideas?