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    forcing a Logout will still prompt my custom Login module 3 times

    Madalina Grama Newbie

      I have a custom Login Module based on a DatabaseServerLoginModule.

      If my user uses the app to change his password, I flush the credentials and force a logout (by redirecting him to the logout page).

      But somehow the login method will get invoked 3 times after the logout with the old password (and, of course, will fail with LoginException)

      #1 I don't know why when redirecting the app to the logout page a login needs to be performed at all. Is there a way I can stop the Login modul from invoking the login() method?

      #2 I don't understand what needs to be done in order for the getUsernameAndPassword() method for the DatabaseServerLoginModule to get the new credentials of the user. What else do I need  to flush to get updated credentials?