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    JBOSS 5.1 and jboss-log4j.xml

    Dean Wood Newbie

      I am new to JBOSS and am trying to configure the jboss-log4j.xml file so that anything that goes to the console also goes to the server.log file.


      We have developers who cannot see the console in our QA environment and wish to see what some custom classes in their application is generating in terms of System.out.


      Yes I know the solution is to have no System.out statements and use only proper log4j statements in the code but we inherited a large legacy set of applications that contained alot of System.out statements and we are slowing updating all of them.


      We did this with our Tomcat 5.5.25 server with no issue but are migrating to JBOSS 5.1 and cannot get it to work.


      I thought that by default, out of the box install, anything sent to the console would also go to the server.log. This is not happening.


      Can someone provide me some clarification/direction?


      Thanks in advance.