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    jsFunction in a liferay portlet

    Jose Miguel Loor Apprentice



      this is probably not the best place to put this question, but i cannot get any feedback in the liferay forum


      I am developing a portlet, and i need it to be filled with data, as soon as it shows up. I am trying to use a a4j:jsFunction, like this:


      <a4j:jsFunction id="loadAssets" name="loadAssetsFunction"

                                              actionListener="#{viewController.init}" ajaxSingle="true"

                                              reRender="assetsPanel" />


      And i am trying to call it like this (for test purposes only):


      <input type="button" id="loadButton" value="load" onclick="loadAssetsFunction()" />


      Everytime i hit the button, i get the js console message that the loadAssetsFunction does not exists.


      I have also tried this:


      <script type="text/javascript">


                          AUI().ready('aui-base','aui-io-request','aui-io-plugin', function(A) {

                                    A.get('#loadButton').on('click', function() {







      but the same thing happens


      can anybody give me a hint about this ???


      Thanks a lot